Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pumpkins of Etsy

I was browsing the Halloween section of Etsy last night and I was blown away by the diversity of handmade pumpkins (or handmade anything, for that matter) that a person can buy these days, thanks to the good ol' internet.  With Halloween only 2 weeks away, here are my 5 favorite pumpkins available for purchase, with all photos courtesy of the sellers on Etsy:

1.  Knit cotton napkin rings from Home and Garden Zen:

2.  Paper maché pumpkins from Chesapeake Pointe:

3. Handmade wood buttons by Wild Plums:

4.  Felted wool pumpkins by House of Moss:

5.  Knit pumpkin baby hat and cocoon by Mimi La Creations:

If you're not planning to make your own decorations for Halloween this year, I highly recommend checking out Etsy.  You'll be supporting the handmade crafting community and buying something that's different from all the other decorations on your block.

Happy decorating!


  1. Oh, wow!! I love those napkin rings.

    Have you carved any pumpkins yet this year? I'm hoping to get some this weekend. I'm running out of time with Halloween coming so soon!

    1. Pumpkin carving is on my list for this weekend too! (I've been procrastinating a little bit, like always.)


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