Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mini Things

This weekend I'm on a little vacation in San Francisco!  After we had brunch this morning, we were browsing around some shops and I ran across the cutest mini book necklace just like this one that you can buy on Peg and Awl's Etsy shop.  (Photo courtesy of Peg and Awl)

And that leads me to my love of the week... mini things!

Here are a few other mini things that I've run across this weekend:

1.  Mini terrariums are all over the place in this town, and I love them.  At this point in my life, this is the only size of garden that I could actually commit to taking care of.

2.  This gluten free mini cupcake made my day yesterday, as well as getting to wear my favorite mini bow ring (which surprisingly only cost $15 at Target).

3.  And of course mini pumpkins are everywhere right now also.  Apparently I'm not the only one who loves these little guys.

Do you like mini things too?  Am I crazy to actually believe that mini cupcakes taste yummier than their full-sized counterparts?

Either way, I hope you're having a fantastic weekend just like me!


  1. I love mini things too!!! Especially I love mini cookies... they always look more delicious :)

  2. Laura, I live in the East Bay and have never been happier than these last fifteen years here. After trying to make it work in Florida for nearly thirty years, we relocated here to Berkeley and have made it work. We were able to buy into Atchison Village, a former WWII Housing for workers in the local shipyards, which is now a co-op. LIving here would have to be one of the Things I Love the Most about Life.

    Thanks for stopping by LyndaLand and commenting on the banana bred post. It truly is my favorite fruity bread and we eat it year round here in my home.


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