Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Ombre Headband

Welcome to the 3rd installment in the One T-Shirt, Three DIYs miniseries!

The first two projects in the miniseries were a hand-stamped headband and a beach-ready crop top, and all three of these projects can be made using a single old t-shirt.

Today's project is the quickest one in the series, with only a minute or two of hands-on crafting.  (But it does involve a couple hours of hands-off drying time; so don't forget to factor that into your schedule.)

1.  The same old t-shirt we used for parts one and two in the series.
2.  Scissors (if you haven't already cut up your t-shirt for the other projects)
3.  Soft fabric spray paint

**Note: If you participated in part 1 of the miniseries, skip steps 1 and 2 and jump in at step 3.

1.  Find an old t-shirt that you still like but don't mind cutting up.  (I chose an old Make a Wish shirt because it's an awesome organization and I would happily wear their logo any day of the week.)

2.  Cut the bottom hem off of the t-shirt, then cut off another 2 or 3 inches from the bottom of the shirt. The 2 or 3-inch-wide strip is for the first project, the top part of the shirt is for the second project, and the bottom hem is for today's project.

3.  Take the bottom hem of the t-shirt outside, lay it on some cardboard or newspapers so you don't make a mess, and make sure that it's spread out nicely with no twists or bunches.

4.  Hold the fabric spray paint 6-8 inches away from your work and spray one thin layer all the way around it.  Then spray a second layer along 2/3 of it, then a third layer over 1/3 of it.  Your fabric should now look ombre!  Let it dry for an hour or two, then flip it over and paint the other side the exact same way.  Let that dry for another hour or two and you're all finished.

Once the headband is dry and ready to wear, the pictures above will show you how to fold it so it'll fit nicely and look cute:
1.  Start with the loop stretched out.
2.  Twist the loop one time.
3.  Twist the loop a second time.
4.  Fold the headband in half.

Now it's the proper shape to pop it on your head and go to yoga, skating, dance class, or anywhere else!

I particularly like wearing mine for yoga class because I have a million little whispy hairs that I like to keep out of my face when I'm in forward fold.  When's your favorite time to wear headbands like this?

Happy spray painting!

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