Friday, April 18, 2014

Bridesmaid Hairstyle #2: A Crisscross Ponytail

I tried out another wedding hairstyle idea this afternoon.

It's a crisscross ponytail that I saw on A Beautiful Mess.

It turned out to be really easy to do.  I just made a ponytail while omitting sections of hair on either side in the front, then I crossed those sections of loose hair at the back of my head and secured them with a few pins.  I finished it off by wrapping the remaining hair around my hair elastic and curling the ponytail.

If you're interested in trying this on your own hair, you can click on the link above for a much more in-depth step-by-step tutorial.

I love the way this style looks from the back, but from the front it looks a little plain. Maybe it would be nice to leave a few strands loose in the front and curl them?

One thing I really like about the crisscross pony is that it feels secure enough to last all evening at the wedding.  The french twist that I tried out didn't hold up so well; and I think this one will perform much better in that area.

It's certainly a contender.


1 comment:

  1. what a great idea for a fancy occasion or for a little extra fun for everyday :)


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