Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Showgirl Beauty Tip: Tasteful Glitter

I don't know about you, but I love glitter.

Luckily, in my line of work, it's perfectly acceptable to add lots of glitter to your makeup. There are ladies with glittery eyes, glittery hair, and even glittery lips walking around backstage at any given show at any given time.  After all, in the words of Karen Kresge, the great show skater turned producer, "you can never have too much glitter."

But what about glitter for everyday life?

I think it's pretty hard to pull off glitter without looking like a middle schooler, but it can certainly be done.  The key is to pick one single feature to highlight with the glitter and to only apply a teeny, tiny bit.

The best place to apply this teeny, tiny bit is on your upper eyelid, just below your eyebrow, where you normally apply a light eyeshadow as a highlighter.  A tiny dab of glitter right there provides a lovely shimmer in a spot that will brighten up your whole eye without being overwhelming.

Just be sure that your teeny, tiny bit is no bigger than a little dab with your pinky finger.  If you apply too much, the glitter will fall down onto your cheek bones, which is cute in ice shows, but a little over-the-top for everyday life.

Happy sparkling!

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