Friday, January 31, 2014

January in Instagram Photos

January was a family-oriented month for me.  My sister and her boyfriend spent a week with me here, then my boyfriend's mom and best friend came for another week, and then there was the (very exciting!) birth of my second niece.

Because I was so concentrated on family this month, I focused less on crafting.  But I've noticed that my craftiness is just like the ebb and flow of the ocean's tides.  I didn't craft as much in January, so I'm feeling an influx of creativity coming on for February.  Does this happen to you too?

Anyway, I've got another t-shirt redesign in the works as well as some knitting projects.  I also ordered some new yarn from Purl Soho that should be arriving soon, and we're planning a trip to the fabric store tomorrow.  I'm excited to start another sewing project too!

Although I spent most of this month doing beachy activities with my family, I did manage to knit a few things.  It's funny, though, because even my knitting was family-oriented.

I made hats for my sister and her boyfriend followed by the tiniest little baby hat for my newborn baby niece.  I can't wait to go home in May and meet her.

I hope you've had a lovely January too.

Stay tuned for a lot of action on the blog next month!


  1. yes i definitely have an ebb and flow in projects and creativity, i find that when i start doing more, more and more new ideas come to me
    wow that hat looks really great :) love the pom pom :)

  2. Hey – I’ve read your blog, and frankly I find it quite entertaining…and I am a guy…imagine that….lol
    We happen to be on the same ship….I really like the show, you and Justin are doing awesome...keep it up xoxoxo


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