Thursday, July 18, 2013

Potato-Crusted Fried Green Beans

There's a TGI Friday's near our apartment so we hang out there sometimes.  My friend, Katie, orders the fried green beans every time we go, and I always feel a little bit jealous.

Yesterday I decided to try making them gluten free at home with boxed mashed potatoes instead of flour and it totally worked!  Here's the recipe.

Green beans
2 egg whites
Boxed mashed potatoes (I used Idahoan Original Mashed Potatoes.  If you use a different brand, make sure they're gluten free.)
Salt and pepper

1.  Pour an inch of oil into a medium-sized pot and heat it to 350 degrees f.
2.  Separate the eggs and pour the whites into a bowl.
3.  Combine 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, 1 tsp salt, and a dash of pepper onto a plate or shallow bowl.
4.  Dip each green bean into the egg whites, then the potato mixture, then drop them into the pot of oil for 3 to 4 minutes, until they're golden brown.
5.  Scoop the beans out of the oil and place them onto a paper towel on a plate.
6.  Sprinkle with salt and serve!

These were so crunchy and delicious!  Justin and I also think it would be fun to try making them with flavored mashed potato mixes like the pouch of bacon & cheddar chipotle potatoes that's currently sitting in our cupboard.  I'll let you know how it goes if we do it.

Happy frying!


  1. These sound so good! It can be really fun figuring out how to make out gluten free versions of things. I learned a while ago that you can make awesome fried chicken using cornstarch instead of flour!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Two veggies in one...very sneaky AND very delicious! Nice one!

  3. mmm, this sounds like a really tasty idea for green beans!

  4. I love being able to recreate restaurant recipes at home. Yums!


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