Monday, July 22, 2013

Link to Love: Knitters of Cool

Here's today's link to love:  Wool and the Gang blog

They are a London-based knitting company that sells knitwear, yarns, and knitting kits, but above all, they create an aura of "cool" around knitting that I've never seen before.

Their manifesto states "We believe in fashion that's #madeunique, with love and never from a factory." Yes, they do have a hashtag in the middle of their manifesto.  You can read more about it here.

I've always thought of knitting as cool and it's so nice to have some reinforcement from these guys.  Wondering what their cool tactics are?  They sit on windowsills with a brash disregard for safety.  They collaborate with trendy yoga gurus (pictured below).  They revere vintage icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.  They are young and beautiful.  They knit.

Image via Wool and the Gang

Happy browsing!

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