Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Bump in the Road

I'm definitely not perfect and sometimes my knitting projects aren't perfect either.

I had this grand idea to make a lace knit headband that would wrap around my head and close at the back with 2 cute little buttons.  I like making up my own patterns, so I picked out a cool stitch from The Knitter's Bible, then I looked through my blog archives to remember how many stitches I had cast on the last time I made headbands, and I started knitting.

When I bound off, I was super happy with the way the lace mesh stitch looked, and I was flying high until I held it up to my head to see if it fit.  It did not fit.

This almost always happens the first time I try out a new project.

In this case, I clearly need to cast on more stitches when working in lace mesh than when working in stockinette stitch like I did with my last headband pattern.

When I try this again, I'm going to need to add at least 10 or 15 more stitches when I'm casting on.  Unfortunately I don't think that many stitches will fit on the flat needles I used for my first attempt, so I'll have to switch to my round needles.  It's not a big deal, but I prefer knitting with flat needles; I think they're just a little bit more comfortable to work with.

Hopefully I'll have a successfully finished headband to share with you next time!


  1. Could you not knit it the other way? I dont knit but when I crochet a headband I always 'cast on' 5-7 stitches and then keep going until its the right length to go around my head, same with scarves. That way you could use your flat needles. With this one thats too short you could always stitch some elastic to it....

    1. Hi Emily! I like that idea.; thanks! =) I was casting on enough stitches to go around the circumference of my head (75 stitches for this first attempt) but casting on just the width of the headband (probably 10ish stitches) sounds like a great solution; I'm going to ponder this a little more...

  2. Oh, no! Crafting is definitely a learning process. I'm currently sewing a shirt and the sleeves look all pointy and wrong. I'm pondering how I can fix that one. I hope I can 'save' it! Have a great weekend Laura! Best of luck on finding a solution to fix your headband. :)

  3. I love the look of the stitch. Trial and error is always successful in the end!

  4. 76 stitches is not enough, headband looks too small. How do I fix this problem?


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