Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 Quick St. Patrick's Day Craft Projects

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I hope you're wearing something green!  I am not.  Truth be told, I forgot all about St. Patrick's Day this year.  Sometimes living on a ship in the middle of the ocean takes it's toll and I lose track of what's happening on land.  Oops.

Lucky for me, I'm on land today so I remembered that it's a holiday!

Here are 3 quick and easy St. Patrick's Day projects from around the web that can be done even at the very last second:

1.  Make a cute little shamrock stamp with Punk Projects.

2.  Learn how to crochet a 4 leaf clover over at How to Crochet a Heart.

3.  Print out some paper shamrocks created by Lia Griffith.

All 3 of these photos belong to the bloggers who came up with these craft projects.  Don't forget to click on the links to their sites to see more great photos!

I hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day, regardless of how long you had to prepare for it!

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