Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I love this quote from Salvador Dali because it applies so perfectly to knitting, crafting, and the writing of this blog.  

I often struggle with my own perfectionism, but if I succumbed to it, I honestly don't think I'd ever finish a craft project. I would just keep starting over and over again every time one little thing went wrong. But the thing is that I'm human and something always goes wrong, so why fight it? It could be a dropped stitch that just requires a deep breath and a little bit of tinking (knitting backward), which is a phenomenal exercise in patience, or it could be a misplaced dribble of paint in a craft project that leads to an alternate plan that leads to a cooler aesthetic anyway, which is a great exercise in creativity. Either way, there is still a pretty good finished result and I've practiced some coping skills along the way, so it's a win-win situation, as long as I can ignore the urge to be perfect.

The same goes for my blog. There's only so many times a girl can proofread a post before she has to send it out in the world and hope for the best. I seriously have to remind myself of this every time I'm writing my blog, because if I never clicked that "publish" button unless it was perfect, I would never publish anything.

Are you a perfectionist too? Do you think it helps or hinders you?

p.s. I used my new stamps to make the picture for this post.  =) 


  1. Nice stamps! ;p But very cool quote. Exactly what I needed this morning!

  2. Like the quote indeed! Once when I was a kid after being told about my perfectionism for the 'nth time I stated, "I am NOT a perfectionist because I can not get anything perfect." Which made all the adults in the room erupt with laughter, it took me years to figure out what they were laughing about, lol.


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