Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pretty Craft Supplies

This week I'm in love with a big, white box of craft supplies that my sister sent me for Christmas.  

They aren't just any craft supplies; they're craft supplies that are so pretty in their natural state that I almost want to leave them alone and use them as decorations just as they are.  (Almost.)  I can't wait to think of the perfect projects for each and every one of them!

I'll definitely be using these stamps on the next cards I make.

And maybe I'll make some bracelets with these pretty paper strings?

I can already think of a million things I'd like to decorate with this washi tape...

And these pom poms will most likely be making an appearance in my next knitting project.

But this spool of yarn may end up being the one craft supply I succumb to leaving on the shelf as decoration.  I love the wooden spool so much!

I'm feeling very spoiled and lucky at the moment.
Thanks Kate!

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