Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unexpected Uses for Yarn

Hi Friends!

Have you seen TLC's new show Craft Wars yet?  I watched it last night and found it pretty entertaining.  For me, there were three highlights to the episode.
  1. Getting to see Erica Domesek, author of one of my favorite blogs, p.s. I made this.  She is every bit as smart and adorable on TV as she is in her blog.

  2. There was a funny montage of one of the contestants gleefully shaking glitter all over a wishing tree, and she looked just as crazy as I'm sure I look when I get excited about glitter.

  3. One of the contestants used yarn to write words on notecards, which got me thinking about all the other ways you can use yarn that have nothing to do with knitting.
If you are anything like me, you probably have a million leftover scraps of yarn from knitting projects of yore and nothing to do with them.  I had a look around the web, and found these 5 fun and unexpected ways to use yarn:

1. Make a statement with Family Chic:

2.  Decorate greeting cards with Crocheted Couture:

3.  Add yarn to a fishtail braid with A Beautiful Mess:

4.  Make a hanging lantern with Wednesday Custom Design:

5.  Wrap up a picture frame with Centsational Girl:

Be sure to click the links and check out all 5 of those great blogs!

What else do you do with your yarn?


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