Monday, July 23, 2012

Ombre Nails

Hi Friends,

Have you noticed the amount of ombre in the world today?  It seems like this style of shading a color from dark to light has seeped into everything from hair colors to clothes to kitchen utensils lately, and it turns out that it's super easy to join in on the fun.  You only need 2 things: a colored nail polish and a white nail polish.

  1. To create a dark to light affect, with your thumb being the darkest and your pinky finger being the lightest, paint your thumb pink, using the pink nail polish right out of the bottle, then make four matching pink nail polish drips on some tin foil (or cardboard or anything else you can throw away).  Now drip some white nail polish next to each pink drip, making sure that each white drip is significantly larger than the last.

  2. Mix the pink and the white together.

  3. Use your newly made shades of pink to paint your nails.
Tip: Always wipe off your brush every time you switch from one color to another so that all the colors don't bleed together on your nails or -- even worse -- inside your jars of nail polish.

How easy was that?!  And look how pretty your nails will be:

Happy shading!


  1. I was totes going to do this this week!

  2. I quite like the ombre trend and these nails look great! I like how you used one shade mixed with white, rather than several different polishes. It works well.
    Naomi x

  3. Fun! Take a picture when you do it. I'd love to see how yours turn out!

  4. Thanks Naomi! I like this technique too because buying 5 shades of pink can get pretty expensive pretty fast.

  5. Great idea! I'm so exited because I've been wanting to do ombré nails but didn't want to buy 5 different shades of nail polish.

  6. Before I figured out this technique, that's exactly how I felt about ombre nails too!


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