Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A knitting list

While I had a rough go of it with my last sewing project, my current knitting projects are coming along swimmingly.

Here's a list of knitting-related things that are making me happy right now:

1.  My skating partner and I just found out we'll be doing an 8 month tour in Europe starting in October.  Upon hearing the news, I immediately started daydreaming about all the fun things I could knit for the cold weather over there!  I'm starting with a pair of legwarmers for rehearsals in Holland, which is what I'm holding in the picture above.  I'm not using a pattern; I'm just making them up as I go along and I'm loving what's coming off my needles so far.

2.  I organized my yarn stash last week and I'm really enjoying having a mental inventory of it all. I would normally have bought new yarn for the legwarmers I'm knitting, but I'm using stash yarn instead because it was fresh in my mind.  My wallet loves that and so do I.

3.  I also signed up for the Very Shannon Summer Sweater Knit Along, and I'm finally going to dive into the Antrorse pattern I bought months ago but haven't gotten around to knitting.  I find it hard to start big projects when there are so many quick little projects (with instant gratification) that I could be knitting instead, so I'm really happy to have this knit along to push me out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Is your knitting making you happy right now too?


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