Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Perfect Boyfriend Birthday Present

I successfully completed my boyfriend's Colorado Avalanche hockey team hat in time for his birthday (phew) and it was a total success!

The two most important criteria for a knitted gift were fulfilled:
1.  It fit.
2.  He really liked it!

Here are a few pictures of it in all its navy blue, burgundy, and white glory:

As usual, I made up my own pattern for this hat.

When doing so, I leaned a bit on the Precip pattern because I wanted this Avalanche hat to (at least vaguely) remind the viewer of snowy avalanches.  See it?  Maybe a little bit?

Anyway, Justin seemed really pleased with it, and I ended up learning a valuable life lesson:
Boys love receiving gifts in their favorite sports team's colors.

I'll be keeping that knowledge in my back pocket for further holiday use, and I'll also be writing up a pattern for this little guy sometime soon.


1 comment:

  1. that's so cool you made this pattern on your own!
    it turned out great and you are right sports team colors are always a winner :)


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