Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Flip Book Valentines

I was browsing the Valentine's Day candy section at Target last weekend and accidentally walked away with a crafty thing or two in my cart (in addition to the chocolate that I had actually intended to buy, of course).  One of those things was a bag of tiny heart-shaped notebooks.  I had no plan for them, they were just so cute that they ended up in my cart.

It wasn't until a few days later that the idea hit me: these notebooks are perfect for old-school flip books!

To make a flip book, all you need is a pen and a little notebook like these.  Don't have one? You can also make do with a pad of sticky notes.

Begin by deciding what you want to draw and how you want it to move as you flip the pages. I decided to make the words "you" and "me" converge on the page then frame them with a heart.

Here you can see each individual page:

Simple, eh?

Here's a video of the flip book in action:

I can't wait to give this little flip book to my boyfriend tomorrow for Valentine's Day.  I think he'll really dig the throwback to our childhoods.

Besides giving my boyfriend his Valentine, my only other special plan for the day is to eat a lot of chocolate.  I love hearts and I love chocolate so mix those two things together and I'm in heaven.  (Thank you, Target candy aisle!!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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