Monday, December 2, 2013

Showgirl Beauty Tip: Eyebrow Love

For the longest time, when I was a newbie showgirl, I used to always forget about my eyebrows as I was doing my show makeup.  It was easy to do given that various producers and performance directors are always focusing on fake eyelashes or eyeshadow and lipstick color.

But I've come to believe that adding a little color to my eyebrows just might be the easiest and most effective way to punch up my makeup.  After all, eyebrows are like picture frames for your eyes, and if you've just spent a long time working on your eye makeup, wouldn't you want to highlight it with a pretty frame?

So to fill in my eyebrows, all I do is dip a small eyeshadow brush into some brown eyeshadow and sweep it across each eyebrow once or twice.  It makes my eyebrows pop without making them look scary-dark like they would look if I had colored them in with a pencil.

(The brown shadow works great for me because I have brown hair, but if you have red, blond, or black hair you might want to use a slightly different shade of eyeshadow so your brows look natural compared to your hair color.)

Easy, huh?

Happy coloring!

1 comment:

  1. Love! Eyebrows are the easiest way to give the face just a little more dimension...


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