Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Showgirl Beauty Tip: Trimming Lashes to Fit

Life is suddenly wonderful again.  We're deep into our fifth week on the ship, rehearsals are finally over, and we've made it to the beach at last.

As I sit here at this beachfront cafe, I'd like to share another showgirl beauty tip regarding false eyelashes.

When you first take your lashes out of the box, they will be super long.  Unless you hit the genetic lottery and have extremely large eyes, the strip of lashes is going to be too long.  So before you apply the lashes, hold them up to your eyes to determine how long they should be, then cut off the excess length.  

I usually cut off about two of the little clumps of the lash.

Once you've cut your lashes so they fit your eyes properly, they will be significantly more comfortable.

Happy cutting!

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