Monday, September 16, 2013

Showgirl Beauty Tip: Expensive Lashes

Every once in a while, an event comes along that warrants the wearing of fake eyelashes in everyday life.  Those events include your own wedding and a performance in a play.  Those events do not include a night out at the clubs.  (Please don't be that girl.  You really are beautiful just the way you are.)

When a lash-worthy event finally comes along, it makes perfect sense to want to pop into a fancy makeup store like MAC or Sephora to buy an expensive pair of lashes.  That's what almost every rookie showgirl does when she's buying makeup for her first show.  I certainly did.

Much like high heels and ice skates, fake lashes need to be broken in before they feel comfortable.  Expensive lashes are significantly stiffer than the $5 pairs that you can buy at Target or Walmart, so they are much harder to apply to your eyes and much less comfortable the first time you wear them.

So if you're only going to be wearing the lashes for one special evening, do your eyes a favor and buy less expensive lashes.  Once they're out of the package and on your eyes, no one will know the difference anyway.

Wondering if the cheaper ones will hold up?  I like to buy my ice show lashes at Target and I usually wear the same pair every day for months before I trade them out for new ones.  I just try not to take naps with them on; then they'll be toast.  ;-)

Happy lash shopping!


  1. What brand of eyelashes do you buy? and how do you get the previous day's glue off the strip?

    1. Good questions! I usually buy Ardell Fashion Lashes from Target. I let the glue build up for several days until it becomes a thick strip that I can gently peel off all in one piece.


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