Saturday, September 21, 2013

Link to Love: Amanda McCavour

I love Amanda McCavour's work.

She creates stunning pieces of hanging 3-dimensional art (like the steam pump pictured below) out of thread.

Image via Amanda McCavour


I find the construction of her work fascinating, and her reasons for creating each of her pieces is interesting as well.  The steam pump she created is based upon a turn of the century steam pump she found in Dawson City, Yukon, left over from the gold mining days of yore. McCavour writes about her creation, "I hope to contrast the heavy machine with delicate thread work to render this machine as delicate and ghostly."

She has also made a floating garden, hands working with thread, and a recreation of her old living room, among other things, all of which you can check out on her website.  There you will also find enlightening blurbs about how and why she made each of her pieces.  I found her artist's statement to be particularly eloquent.

Head on over to her site!

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  1. very interesting, I love seeing people's different expressions through art :)


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