Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Link to Love: Daniela Edburg

Artist Daniela Edburg has used knitting as a central component in an entire collection of haunting, surreal photography.

Image via Daniela Edburg

Isn't this piece remarkable?  I love how it conveys a feeling of haste set against a serene natural backdrop.

Check out Daniela Edburg's website here.  All of her work is striking and unsettling and visually appealing.

My favorite pieces are in her Knit series, about which Edburg writes "This series portrays intense characters dealing with their restlessness and the passing of time.  The element of knitting is a constant, as a form of occupational therapy or channeling an obsession."

My favorite photos in the collection are Picnic (pictured above) and The Interruption.  What are yours?

Happy browsing.


  1. This is incredible! I haven't seen anything like it before, so beautiful.

  2. how cool ! thanks for sharing :)


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