Monday, July 1, 2013

Link to Love: Blogging for the Right Reasons

I'm kind of freaking out.  Creating Laura had over 50,000 pageviews in June!  I find that to be mind boggling.  Honestly, I was boggled when the blog hit 40,000 pageviews the month before.  Thanks for reading my blog!

Now that I'm blogging more and more and liking it more and more and having more and more people visit the site, it feels like the next logical step is to look into advertising.  Nothing too sell-outy, just some cute little ad spots on the sidebar for pretty, on-topic Etsy shops and other things that I think my readers would actually enjoy.  With this grand plan in mind, I perused Joy Cho's fabulous book, Blog Inc, and was (and still am) completely overwhelmed by all the business and banking related things that go into starting an ad program.  Even a cutesy little ad program that's just intended to look nice, link to some cool places, and provide a little yarn-funding.

Have you already gone through this process for your blog?  Was it as hard as it seems?

Anyway, with such big things on the blog horizon, I kind of froze up and got all weird about my blog for a few days.  Am I heading down the road to selling out?  With or without taking this big step, is my blog still as real and honest as I want it to be?  Why am I sitting on my couch at 1:00am, eating Nutella with a spoon and worrying about this?  Aaaaaah!

So anyway, last night I was browsing Joy the Baker's (awesome) blog, specifically her post Sixteen Things to do when you're Bored.  From there, I clicked on a link to Helen Jane's blog and man was I glad I did.

So here it is, folks, this week's Link to Love:  On Dance Floors by Helen Jane.

It's an honest, thought provoking piece about blogging.  It gets a little sad about halfway through, but keep reading, because it ends on a decidedly positive note.  It sums up all the feelings I've been having about my blog's future and if you're a blogger too, I guarantee it will do the same for you.

"When we share our realities, the truth we're experiencing right now, our collective wisdom, dreams and connections, we crack open the REAL opportunity of the internet," she writes.

Eureka!  That's what this always has been and always will be about!

I want to write about my real life and the crafty things I really honestly do like to make, just like I always have, and that's not going to change regardless of how my blog grows in the future.

Do you ever have moments of doubt like mine?
Let's crack the internet open together!


  1. That's a great article! And good luck taking that next step with your blog! We haven't gotten there yet, but we are ok with that. :) ~Stephanie

  2. I think that as long as you stay true to what your blog is about your readers will understand any advertising you undertake. You clearly put a lot of work into your blog, it is yours to do what you please with, and if you can make a little bit of cash from it then go for it! x

  3. Wow that's great! That's a lot of views! Take whatever step you think is right for you and your blog. If it doesn't feel like the right moment for ads, then maybe next month will. Also, I agree with Laura's comment. You can pick which advertisers you think will mesh the best with your blog and readers, so that it won't feel like you're selling out. If you do start accepting ads, I would recommend! It' so easy to use!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. Congratulations on all those page views! I think you're contributing a lot of awesome know-how to the world, so why not get some dollars for your awesome contributions? Heck, if nothing else it can just fund future projects.

    Good luck getting it all sorted out! I'll continue reading whether you monetize or not!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. I don't mind ads.... what I hate are sponsodered posts... please don't do that :)

  6. I don't mind ads or sponsored posts, I just love when bloggers are super open about keeping ads & posts true to "their brand" (or style, or mantra, you get the point) - as long as it's authentic and you're up front about whatever ads or sponsored posts you're posting, then it's your blog and you can do what you want with it! esp in today's economy, why NOT get a little extra $ from something you already enjoy? My blog isn't there yet but I would def be having the same thoughts as you if it were, and I think you're on the right track. :)


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