Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Yarn Bomb

Happy Valentine's Day!

I knew I wanted to make something cute for my friends this Valentine's Day, but I wasn't sure what that would be until I saw that Merideth over at One Sheepish Girl was hosting another yarn bombing day.  I immediately knew that I wanted to knit hearts and hang them on my friends doors!

I jumped right into the knitting with no pattern at all, making it up as I went along, and I ended up with these little guys:

I hung them up for my friends this afternoon.  I really hope they like them!

We live in such an industrial environment, I was happy to make it look a teensy bit more homey.  I know that by "a teensy bit" I mean a very, very teensy bit, but all a girl can do is try...

I hope that your Valentine's Day is full of love, not only for your significant other but also for your friends and family!  Are you doing anything special to celebrate?  We just finished 2 ice shows and are about to dig into some incredibly delicious-looking cupcakes!


p.s. I'll post the pattern for the little hearts that I made soon.  =)


  1. These are so cute! I am amazed you whipped those up without a pattern! Nicely done :) ~Stephanie

  2. Laura! Your heart is so sweet. I love the stitching around the edges. :)

  3. Such a sweet idea, these hearts are too cute!


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