Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kool-Aid Lip Stain

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I'm fresh off the plane from a Hawaiian vacation.  How cool is that?!  Check out how beautiful the views were:

While I was there, I was all about rocking the easy breezy beach look, and a lip stain works perfectly for that.  I think that a little something on your lips and some waterproof mascara is all you really need to throw on in the morning when you're heading out to the beach all day (along with a whole lot of sunscreen, of course).  Luckily, I read this great post about using Kool-Aid as a lip stain from The Beauty Department right before my trip, so I brought a little Kool-Aid along to try it out.

Here's what I did:
1.  The first thing I did was open a little pouch of strawberry Kool-Aid, taste it, and freak out.  It is unsweetened so it's super duper gross all by itself.  To fix that, add (at least) 4 spoonfuls of sugar to the Kool-Aid pouch and mix it together so it will taste yummy like regular Kool-aid.

2.  Now lick you finger, dip it in the Kool-Aid pouch, and gently rub the Kool-Aid all over your lips.  The wetter your lips are when you begin, the better this will work.

3.  Leave the Kool-Aid paste on your lips for 3 minutes.  It will be extremely tempting to lick your lips during that time, but do yourself a favor and resist the urge.  It will mess up your lips and get your teeth all red.  (I know because I accidentally did it.)  When the time is up, dampen a tissue or a q-tip and wipe off the excess Kool-Aid.

4.  Blow yourself a kiss; you're all done!

One word to the wise about this project.  Have a look at my index finger in step 4.  Do you see how red it is?  When it comes to staining things, Kool-Aid does not mess around, so make sure you don't get it on your clothes, hair, or other body parts.

Here I am sporting my Kool-Aid look on the beach:

I hope this works as great for you as it did for me.  Also, don't forget to check out The Beauty Department for all sorts of other great beauty tips and tricks.  I seriously love that blog and I bet you will too.

Happy staining!

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