Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knitting Love

I skated on my new skates for the first time today (ouch).  While I'm not thrilled about breaking them in, I am thrilled about the picture that my very artistic and very talented friend, Kelly Smith, painted on their soles.

Now I'll always have a picture of my second favorite activity with me while I do my first favorite activity!

How do you show your knitting love?


  1. I love the ball of yarn and knitting needles on the bottom of your new skates. Great idea Laura!!! All the best. ~Sophia

  2. Thanks! My friend Kelly is such a great painter.

  3. That reminds me of what I got for one of my birthdays... Or Christmas... Or... Um.... Something? I don't remember... But anyway, I received the cutest little charm of a yarn ball with needles for my charm bracelet. Super adorable, just like your skates! :) (As I'm reading your blog, I'm knitting your XOXO coffee cup cozy! :))


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