Friday, August 3, 2012

Mini Yarn Ball Buttons

Hi Friends,

Have you been watching the olympics?  I am officially a huge fan of our women's gymnastics team!  While I was watching them compete, I was fiddling around with some craft supplies, and I discovered a way to make some cute little buttons that look like mini balls of yarn.

They're really easy to make, too.  All you need are some plain buttons (I had an extra 20-pack from Joann's that only cost 99 cents) and some leftover yarn scraps.

Here are the directions:
  1. Thread the yarn through the buttonholes.

  2. Leaving a long tail, tie a knot to hold the yarn in place.

  3. Begin to wrap the yarn around the button.

  4. Every time you wrap the yarn around the button, turn the button slightly so each strand will sit next to the last one.

  5. Continue wrapping until the whole button is covered.

  6. Cover the whole button with a second layer so that it takes the shape of a ball.

  7. Tie the excess yarn in a knot at the bottom of the button and cut it so it's the same length as the first tail.

  8. Now you've got a finished button with two strings hanging from the back.  Those strings are for attaching the button to your clothes.

Aren't these buttons fun and easy?  I'm currently knitting up a little something, and I can't wait to attach these buttons to it!  I'll tell you all about that knitting project next week...

I also tried this button-wrapping technique with embroidery floss instead of yarn, and while the finished buttons don't look like yarn balls, they still look pretty fun.  See?

Happy wrapping!

** Update:  When I sewed these buttons onto my knitting project, I realized that the yarn tends to slip off the buttons as you pass the button through a buttonhole.  The solution?  Coat the yarn-covered button with a thin layer of mod podge or other glue that dries clear.  It'll harden up the yarn on the button, making it slip proof. **


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