Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Beginning

I understand exactly how I became the way I am, but that doesn't mean that I'm a huge fan of it.  What I am is a 27-year-old consumer.  I'm active and social; I love going out with my friends on hikes or to the movies or to cool shops and restaurants, but all of those activites involve taking things in as opposed to putting things out into the universe.  Of course I became this way because that's how most unmarried 20-something Americans are today, with home economics being a thing of the past in schools, and the internet providing hours of passive entertainment while advertisements are constantly telling us to buy, buy buy, and I've never really though about it.

Two incidents made me notice and want to change the fact that I don't add nearly as many tangible things to the world as I take from it.  First, as usual, my mother pointed it out to me.  My fantastic boyfriend altered a dress for me to wear to a wedding (have I mentioned that he's fantastic?!) and I was making cookies for him as a thank you, when my mom made a joke about how that is literally my only "domestic" skill.  I was indignant and tried to think of a comeback but I honestly didn't have one.  She was right.  I don't know how to make anything else.  Then, a couple weeks later, my mom invited me to take a knitting class with her, I successfully completed the project, and I had an unexpected sense of accomplishment.  I had always thought of knitting as making boring scarves and potholders, but I had made something that I actually liked and that I would use!  Suddenly I wanted to make more things, other things, bigger and better things!  I wanted to take more classes!  I wanted to give these things to my friends!  I would be THAT friend!  I would be a better and more sparkly version of myself!

A few hours later, once the excitement had worn off, I came back down to earth and remembered that I am a busy girl in a modern world who -- let's be honest -- tends to lack followthrough despite having the best of intentions.  So that's where this blog comes in.  I've decided to try to make one crafty thing per week and see where it takes me.  These will not be earth-shattering creations, but they will be things that I like and that are also fun and useful in real life.  I hope I can do it, and I hope that other people out in the internet-world might enjoy reading about my projects and maybe even try to make them too.

All I can do is try, right?


  1. I think this is a great idea. I can't wait to see all that you come up with. I'm waiting to read the next installment.

  2. you are awesome and i love you

  3. Laura it's great to see you making things! Don't sell yourself short though, you put lots of beauty and energy into the world in that little field where you sometimes need a screwdriver! Keep it up - you have great crafting ideas - I am totally going to make lace-covered gloves this winter!

  4. Aaaw, right back at you, Other Laura!

  5. You are welcome! And I added you to my blog roll at Fruit Hat Fashions. I hope you get tons and tons of readers. xoxo

  6. Hi, Laura,
    Kimberly Ligocki of here. You just signed up for my blog, so I came over to see what you're about! I love what you wrote about wanting to put something back, not just consume. And I think your goal of making one crafty thing a week is admirable. BUT - as I am likely the age of your mother I hope you'll suffer a small piece of advice from someone who is both a mom and a knitting teacher. It is this: Don't put too much pressure on yourself to produce. There's a saying in knitting, "It's the process, not the product." And that is the real secret to being a good, happy, crafter the rest of your life. If you approach your knitting/crafting as meditation, as quiet time, as a time to SLOW DOWN in this crazy fast world, you'll get so much more out of it (and be more likely to keep at it) than if your goal is just "I made a hat." Okay, lecture done. You are charming and inspiring to me in your enthusiasm and intentions and I'll read your blog with pleasure.

  7. Hi Kimberly, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the advice! I agree with you about it being about the process more than the product. I've learned that I especially like knitting while I'm watching TV at night because it gives me something to do with my hands. Thanks again!

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